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home pest control

D-Tec Pest Solutions – House Pest Control Tips Doing these Home Pest Control tips can help keep your house pest free from unwanted creepy crawlies.  With pest causing diseases. allergies and health problems, it is best to both prevent and try and control the environment. Indoor Pest Control Tips Kitchen Area Home Pest Control Tips…

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Flying Termites

Termites with Wings Flying Termites in Brisbane usually swarm between November and April. They usually have their colonizing flight when we have ideal conditions such as moderate temperatures and high humidity. Around this time we often receive calls from worried homeowners about Flying Termites. Flying Ants Termites with wings are known as ‘Alates’ which some…

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processionary caterpillars

Dangerous Caterpillars If you’ve noticed an influx of these hairy Processionary Caterpillars around your area you are not alone. Late summer and early autumn are when we usually see them. A group of the Caterpillars can form in a nest of up to 600 and when they have stripped the tree of leaves they form in…

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