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Contract Shooting Pest Management Services Contract Shooting Pest Control

D-Tec is Licenced under the Weapons Act to carry Vermin and Feral Pest Animal Control. 

LICENCED CONTRACT SHOOTING PEST CONTROL Shooting offers a quicker resolution to long term costly baiting programmes which can also affect non-targets species.

Rodents and Feral birds are a huge pest concern not only throughout Queensland suburbs such as Brisbane, Gold Coast & Ipswich but throughout Australia. They are classified as pests and pose a serious health threat.

Contract Shooting Pest Control

D-Tec offers a specialized and effective Pest Management solution to control Rodents and Feral Birds. We are licensed under the Weapons Act 1990, AC1 Animal Control and OCC Occupational Condition.

Contract Shooting

Vermin and Feral Animal Pests

Unfortunately, Rodents and Feral birds are a huge pest concern in Queensland suburbs.  D-Tec Pest Solutions have been treating Vermin and Feral Animals in Brisbane, Gold Coast & Ipswich areas, and throughout Australia. Our priority is protecting properties from these pests that can pose a serious health threat & cause damage.

Vermin and Feral Animal Diseases

Feral Birds and Rodents carry many bacteria and diseases that regularly transmit to humans and animals. There are now more than 20 species of Feral birds of conflict within primary production affecting a wide range of crops and stored produce.

Pigeon droppings can be linked to carrying three human diseases, histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, and psittacosis. There is also a fungus that can grow in bird droppings and soil that causes histoplasmosis which is a disease that affects the lungs.

Rodents also carry many diseases including hantavirus, leptospirosis, lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV), Tularemia, and Salmonella.

Both Pests are a health risk to humans, animals and property.



Feral Pigeons

Feral Pigeons roost and nest in their own faeces where bacteria grows and spread. With pigeons looking for nesting sites that provide shelter and warmth and these include rooftops, eaves, roof gutters, roof voids and you can find them roosting under your solar panels.

These areas include warehouses, storage areas, factories and many other structures that are in use by humans which increases the risk of bird or pigeon disease transmission.

Rats, Mice - Vermin

Rodents can damage and infect produce spreading diseases, cross-contamination and reducing productivity.  Rats and mice populations can be difficult to control due to bait shyness.

Rat pest

Pest Regulations

Feral birds and Rodents are declared pests and regulations and standards allow for Licenced Professional Pest managers to humanely euthanized these pests by means of using controlled and regulated firearms such as an Air rifle.

Advantages of Pest Shooting

Shooting offers a quicker resolution to long term costly baiting programs which can also affect non-target species. Rodents can build natural resistance to baiting systems over time, so dispatching these pests quickly can also be very cost-effective.

Advantages of quickly dispatching pests this way include:

  • No long waiting time for baiting programs to work. Rodents are naturally suspicious of new objects and are always reluctant to feed on strange feeding stations, this can take weeks before results are seen. Resistance to an active ingredient in baits can be a problem over time.
  • Removing adult rodents quickly out of an infesting colony will reduce breeding.
  • Fewer numbers of vermin equal less damage to products, less contamination, and spoilage, better profits for businesses.
  • Feral pigeons (birds) can be messy and very costly to bait over long periods.
  • Baiting programs often are used in conjunction with this method but can be ineffective due to the abundance of other available food sources.  A bird flock can become aware of a tainted or baited food source over a period of time and ignore baited foods. Shooting control can be more effective if birds or Rodents are already feeding on an available food source.
  • Netting to keep birds at bay is very expensive in most cases up to $50.00 or more a square meter to install. E.g. An outdoor eve on a 12-meter x 15-meter @ $50.00 per square meter will cost $ 9,000 to install.
  • Immediate results and reduction in population instantly.
  • Cost-effective, in the long run in conjunction with your regular pest management program to show far better results.
  • The reduction of pressure on the natural environment and protected species from feral predators.

D-Tec Qualifications and Experience

  • We are licensed and Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance to value of $20,000,000.
  • Permitted under Queensland Weapons Act to hold an Occupational Endorsement CAT A/B Licence for pest control.
  • We supply work method statements and Certificates of currency.
  • We use thermal technology at night to target rodents for more efficiency
  • D-Tec is equipped with firearms that have foot-pound adjustment, in other words, limited damage to structure surfaces if the pellet continues through a targeted animal.
  • Practice sensible use of shooting methods, 30 years’ experience, and 20 years in the pest management field.
  • Discrete service on weekends when minimal staff are present
  • Collection and humane disposal of controlled pests
  • We are very aware of the need for cleanliness around Primary food manufacturing and will be responsible for any clean-up of controlled pests
  • HACCP AND AQIS compliance reports and paperwork when required
  • Members of the Qld Shooters Union-Public liability insurance coverage of $10,000,000.
  • Members of Queensland Rifle Association
  • We abide by the Australian Standard Operating Procedure for control of Feral Birds BIR001
  • Encourage and practice Integrated Pest Management Techniques.
  • Members of The Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association.
  • Pest Management Licence number 12115
  • No job to small, we offer a competitive hourly rate for our services.
  • After hour service is encouraged for safety reasons, and certain pests are better controlled at night. E.g. Rodents (depending on population numbers)

Pest Management Shooting Consultation

Contact us for a free initial consultation and we will discuss your needs, history of the problem, and then a plan of attack can be designed to identify problem areas to target and achieve the best results possible.


Contact D-Tec now for a free quotation for your Feral Pest Control on 1300725758.

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