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Effective Termite Treatments by D-Tec Pest Solutions

D-Tec Pest Solutions offers you effective Termite Treatments solutions to protect your home. Our Company is committed to providing you a quality professional pest management service. The Termiticide we use are safe, effective and have a proven track record, therefore, providing you with the best option in protecting your home.

When you contact D-Tec for a free Termite Quotation our highly trained Technicians will asses your property. Our Technicians will explain in detail the best options for both your property and your budget. Most importantly we want to provide you with the best solution to protect your property from a Termite Infestation.

Unfortunately, due to our Climate Conditions in Brisbane, one in every four houses will be attacked by termites in its lifetime. Without Insurance covering termite damage, we can advise the best way to protect your home.

What to do when you find Termites in your Home?

It is a natural reaction to run for the can of fly spray and kill all the termites found in the affected area however we advise that you DO NOT DISTURB ACTIVE TERMITES FOUND WITHIN IN YOUR HOME. The more termites that are present the better the chance of controlling the colony.

Follow these simple steps in the event of finding Termites:

  • First keep the affected area as dark as possible and do not disturb.
  • Secondly cover any with holes with cardboard and electrical tape.
  • Thirdly contact D-Tec Pest Solutions for a free consultation. We will assess the area and the conditions of your property and the environment.
  • Finally we will provide you with options on how to protect your home.

What can you do to help protect your home?

1) Have 6 month to annual  termite inspections carried out – Our highly trained Inspectors look for signs of Subterranean Termite activity and evidence of termite damage. This detailed inspection will encompass the entire dwelling from the property boundary right through the home including the roof void.

2) Be vigilant around your house, follow out tips on what you can do around your home to make your house ‘less inviting’.

3) Most importantly have your place protected with an effective protection zone around your home using a high quality product such as Termidor. D-Tec Technician’s will assess your property with a free quotation and can advise whether a protection zone or monitoring/baiting system is more suitable for your property and budget.

All D-Tec Pest Solutions Termite Treatments you can be assured that:

  • The Company is fully licensed QBSA 1071312 and insured.
  • All treatments will be done using a quality product.
  • We will be checking and treating where required to all stumps and trees to the yard areas.
  • You will receive a written certificate on the Termiticide strength
  • Our treatments comply with Australian Standards AS3660.
  • You will receive a neat and professional treatment.
  • You will have ongoing after service with newsletters, special offers and reminder notices.
  • D-Tec uses high quality products such as Termidor and is a trained licensed accredited applicator for Termidor for Termite Treatments.

If you would like to know options for protecting your home, termite treatment cost please call us on 1300 725 758 or use our contact page.