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Bed Bugs: D-Tec Pest Solutions

What to Look for
Blood spotting on bed linen, mattresses, walls, nearby furnishings or crevices.
Dead bed bug casings.
Colonies of live bed bugs.
Live bed bugs in different life stages:
larger adult brown bed bugs 4 – 5 mm long
lighter coloured juvenile nymphs
cream coloured eggs (1mm long)
Heavy infestations are accompanied by a distinctive sickly-sweet smell
Where to Look
Bed bugs generally feed at night and seek shelter during the day in a variety of locations, mostly close to where people sleep:

Under & around mattresses, floorboards, paintings, mirrors & carpets.

Behind bed heads & skirting boards.
Inside bed bases.
Inside wheels of bed bases.
In cracks & crevices of walls.
Within bed frames & other furniture.
Behind loose wallpaper.
Electrical fittings & appliances.
Guide tracks of closet doors.
Housekeeping carts & rooms.
Storage rooms for mattresses & furniture.
Adjoining rooms – next to, above & below an infested room.
What to do
Isolate the room.
Do not remove anything from the room.
Have room inspected & treated.
All linen, curtains & clothing should be treated as infectious, bagged & removed from the room & hot washed separately from other washing.
After treatment, floors & upholstered furniture should be vacuumed, the vacuum contents bagged & discarded & all signs of infestation removed.
Good Housekeeping Practice
Regular regimen of vacuuming to all areas of a room, especially around skirtings and under lounges and sofas.
Contents of the vacuum should be sealed and discarded.
Vacuum should be confined to one location when not in use.
Vacuums and cleaning trolleys should be confined to one floor, or to a certain section of a floor.
A minimum of items should be brought into a room e.g. Cleaning trolleys should be left outside, used sheet and bedding should be sealed in plastic bags before being taken outside and placed in linen hoppers.
Any crevices on cleaning trolleys should be sealed with a caulking agent.
Clean and used linen should be kept separated and not be transported to and from rooms via the same trolleys.
If linen contractors are used, dirty and clean linen should not be carted in the same vehicle.
Keep clutter in a room to a minimum.