Protecting your home or business from termites

Many residential and commercial property owners are concerned about how much a termite treatment will cost. D-Tec have been treating homes for over 20 years, and offer a range of different termite treatment options to suit your home or property and budget.

All of the termite treatments we use are approved by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) and all services are carried out to the Australian Standard.

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If you are considering protecting your home or business from termites or you have unfortunately found termites, you may be asking, “How much does a termite treatment cost?”.

Option 1 (1st Stage Treatment) – The Band-Aid Solution

If you’ve found live termites in your home, the object of the exercise is to eliminate the termites feeding in the house and eliminate the source nest. This is done by:

  • Carrying out a thorough termite inspection to determine where they are feeding in the house and yard. 
  • Applying a foam (which resembles shaving cream) with an active ingredient to the areas where termites are found, this is all we use and is the safest product to use internally in a house, and has no dust or smells.

The first stage foaming treatment affects the termite’s behavior, stopping them from grooming one another, which is important in the termite colony. If we infect the nest and they stop grooming, a fungus that occurs naturally in the soil around your home attacks the worker termites first and kills them.

Without the worker termites in the nest, there is no-one left to do all the important things like chewing the timber i.e. your house, feeding the young and  feeding and tending to the king and queen. Two weeks have passed, and the colony is unable to win the battle between the infection. 

The first stage treatment can get you to this point, but it doesn’t provide the following:

  • At least 10% of the colony need to be affected by the first stage treatment to eliminate the nest completely. 10% of a colony, depending on species, is about 10-12 coffee cups full of living termites, that’s a lot of termites and homeowners unknowingly disturb the infestation reducing the termite numbers dramatically.
  • It will not provide further protection for the rest of the house.

With band-aid treatments, reinfestation occurs regularly because the colony numbers have not adequately been affected and are still looking for food. 

D-Tec doesn’t charge for a first stage treatment when a full proposal has been accepted by the client.

D-Tec Pest Solutions - Termite Treatment Cost

Option 3 – Termite Baiting System

Termite Bait systems will cost $1600– $3500 and include servicing, monitoring, and baiting for 12 months only. Each year after the service fee is usually calculated on how many stations were installed, to begin with.

D-Tec recommends the Sentricon system, pre-loaded stations with bait that will last in ground for 5 years. This is an option we normally recommend where a chemical treated zone cannot be applied e.g. environmentally sensitive areas, or if a home is built in such a way that a treated zone cannot be applied.

This method is very useful for larger commercial complexes or body corporate dwellings where the body corporate would like to monitor termite activity to the common areas.

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