Termite Treatment Brisbane Southside

When it comes to termite treatments in South Brisbane, D-Tec Pest Solutions stands out as a leading provider of comprehensive and effective solutions. With their extensive knowledge and expertise in termite management, they have been safeguarding properties and providing peace of mind to homeowners and businesses in the region for many years.

Termite Treatment & Pest Control Brisbane Southside

D-Tec Pest Solutions offers a comprehensive range of services, including Pest Control Services, Termite Inspections, and Termite Treatments, all aimed at ensuring a healthy and safe environment for your home and property. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our use of high-quality products approved by Australian Standards, guaranteeing a professional service that effectively protects your home or property.

Our team of qualified and licensed technicians will carefully evaluate your home and property, offering safe and highly effective pest control treatments. Rest assured that our professionals will utilize their expertise to ensure the utmost safety and efficiency in addressing your pest control needs.

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Contact D-Tec Pest Solutions directly at 0433420011 to speak with our prompt and responsive termite technician. Our dedicated professional will be available to address your concerns and provide immediate assistance. Don’t hesitate to reach out and benefit from our expert advice and swift response when dealing with termite-related issues. Book for a free Termite quote.

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  • Our treatments and services are all in accordance with the Australian Standard ( AS 4349.3-2010 and AS 3660.2-2000) and we only use environmentally friendly pest eradication solutions. 
  • Our team of termite technicians are fully licensed, qualified and experienced with the latest termite detection and control technology. 
  • We have over 20 years experience providing general pest treatments to residential homeowners around the Brisbane, Gold Coast, Logan and Ipswich areas.
  • Our Company’s best practices and customer service has won 16 National, State, and Local Pest Control Company Awards, making us the most awarded pest control company in Brisbane.
  • D-Tec provides immediate response to live termites found in your home or property.
  • Our Client Care Program includes loyalty benefits, referral program, pest tips, and personal reminder notices.

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