Effective Ant Control Treatments

We understand how frustrating Ants can be invading your home or business. D-Tec can provide professional Ant Pest Control services to help control your Ant problem.


Expert in Ant Control Treatments

Have you had enough of those pesky Ants running around your home? Unfortunately, surface spray only kills the ones on the surface. Surface Sprays doesn’t solve the problem as most colonies/nests are underground. Contact the experts to treat your Ant problem.

Ant Pest Control

When D-Tec Pest Solutions come out to treat the Technician does an analysis of the species of ants/activity patterns. They can apply a method of ant pest control with the use of our safe and effective treatments to the nesting site and form a residual barrier between the nest and food source.

D-Tec Pest Solutions - Ants
D-Tec Pest Solutions - Ants


No wonder there are so many Ants with approximately one million ants to every human. Even though they are only small they can cause many problems for your home, family, and pets.

Ant Problem

Firstly they are a general nuisance but they may present a health risk. For instance, they mechanically carrying disease organisms on their bodies. They also carry it in their digestive tract that can cause dysentery, smallpox, and a variety of pathogenic bacteria, including salmonella.

We have many different species in Australia, the most commonly known is the carpenter ant, bull, green-headed, sugar, jumper, meat, and green tree. It’s the green ants that can actually inject venom. The jumper ant can cause a severe allergic reaction. Other species such as the meat and the green tree don’t sting but bite and spray formic acid into the wound. Then we have those pesky black ones that make mounds and nests in the soil. You can find these in timber, under pavers, in wall cavities, around skirting boards and in roof voids.

Ant Control

There are many ways you can help with Ant Control:

  • Eliminate food sources for them to eat.
  • Put food in airtight containers.
  • Clean up crumbs.
  • Sweep/vacuum/mop to remove any extra food particles on the ground.
  • Wash dirty dishes straight away.
  • Keep rubbish sealed.
  • Check your pet bowl for leftover food.

Eliminate water sources:

  • Fix any leaky taps.
  • Check for leaks in irrigation systems.
  • Check for any pooling of water anywhere.
  • Wipe down your sinks.
Ant Pest Control
D-Tec Pest Solutions - Ants

Ant Treatment

As mentioned the surface sprays do just that they kill the pests on the surface but not treat the actual problem. As colonies contain over a million you will never fix getting rid of those pesky critters that way.

If you find that your one has turned into many, it is time to call the Experts to help.

If you have an Ant problem, D-Tec’s highly trained Ant Technicians can help control and treat your pest problem.

Contact us on 1300 725 758 to book in to get your Ant problem under control.