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Body Corporate Pest Control: D-Tec Pest Solutions
Body Corporate Pest Management Services

There are many different types of Body Corporates who look after apartment blocks, units, townhouses etc. The Body Corporate is generally responsible for the Pest Control inspection, prevention and treatment to the common areas of the Property.

D-Tec Pest Solutions provides a range of services to Body Corporates this includes Termite Inspections, Termite Treatments, Termite Monitoring and Baiting Services and General Pest Treatments.

Our Commercial Integrated Pest Management Program consists of:

  • Based on our inspection of your premises we will establish the scope of the pest population that is to be controlled.
  • We will outline specific areas of treatment.
  • We will list our treatment methodology.
  • Pesticides to be used
  • Treatment Schedule
  • Service Period
  • Work place Health and Safety checks
  • Materials Installed
  • Work Method Statement which includes our pest management techniques.
  • Public Safety and General Health and Safety Procedures
  • Quotation, Terms and Agreement

We will also advise what you can do to help prevent or reduce the pest problem.

Our Company will supply you with copies of our licences, certificate of currency, material safety data sheets and work cover certificates for your records.

D-Tec always carries out our services in a Professional manner and offers discretion of any pest problem.

We offer a range of services and competitive rates to Body Corporates. Contact us or call our Office on 1300728758.