Flea Control – D- Tec Pest Solutions

Fleas are tiny parasites that transport themselves on Mammals. With the Queensland conditions it is unfortunately favorable for growth and development. The cat flea is the one we usually find on ourselves, cats or dogs where they feed on our blood. It is of concern that they can spread disease and cause allergies.

Signs of Fleas

If you suspect your place has fleas and have noticed bites that are around your legs and ankles that are extremely itchy, the first place to check is your pets. As your dog and cat are usually ‘reservoirs’ for fleas, check by parting their fur and look around their ears and rump. You may have even noticed them scratching and being irritated by flea bites.

How to treat for Fleas

If you have found fleas we recommend contacting us to book in a treatment before you have a full infestation. We will advise certain steps to make the environment less suitable for the development of fleas such as:

1) Cutting the grass really short (this helps not only with the treatment but by cutting the grass short it will provide less dark space for light-sensitive larvae to hide in).

2) We also advise to vacuum internal areas of carpet, rugs & in places under the lounge etc (must empty or discard bag as this will contain adults, larvae & eggs). If it’s a bag less vacuum cleaner, scald the inside of the container with boiling water.

3) Treat dog bedding by washing it in hot water above 60 degrees.

4) Treat your animal or dog the same day as having your treatment done ie: hydrobath or treatment advised by vet.

These steps along with a D-Tec Flea treatment will ensure you and your pets are much more comfortable.

To book in to treat your home for Fleas contact us or call 1300 725 758.