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FLY CONTROL Get Rid of Flies with our Treatment Program

We can identify, prevent and eliminate House Flies, Fruit Flies, Drain Flies, Blow Flies with our effective treatments and products.

how to get rid fo flies We have an effective way to treat your fly problem.

Flies spread germs and diseases that cause serious health problems to your family, staff, clients, and animals. Don't let flies make you sick, contact us for a professional fly treatment for your home or business.


Flies are not only one of our most common pest but they are also one of the most annoying. They can spread germs over your food. Diseases they can cause is gastroenteritis, dysentery, typhoid, polio, salmonella, and tuberculosis. Please don’t be eating when I tell you this but not only does their hairy bodies carry disease organisms but their sponging mouthparts often involve vomiting when they eat – yuck! So hence the importance of maintaining and keeping them away from your home.

House Fly

If you have a problem with these pests we recommend:

  • Have screens in your home and repair any holes.
  • Keep garbage disposals and garbage bins clean.
  • Tie up rubbish bags before putting them inside the bin.
  • Avoid accumulation of lawn clippings & animal excrement.
  • Use an Electric Flying Insect Light.
  • Ask us about our new odorless Fly Bait that can be used.

Fruit Fly

To keep your home free of these pests we recommend:

  • Store your fruits and vegetables in the fridge.
  • Dispose of any overripe produce immediately.
  • Wipe over counters and breadboards – leaving no crumbs.
  • Regularly remove rubbish (as they love decaying food).
  • If you have a problem you can put out cider vinegar in a jar in your kitchen to attract and catch the adults.
  • Ask us about our Fruit Fly product.

Drain Fly

To help your problem with these pests we recommend:

  • Clean the drains: use hot boiling water and a stiff hard bristle brush.

If you are having problems with drain fly we can supply a Drain Fly product that kills the bacteria living inside your drain.

How to get rid of Flies

  • You can do some hand swatting exercises using your fly swat.
  • Surface sprays, Boards, Repellents may be used to control adults but don’t treat with the larvae.
  • See our Flying Insect solutions with our Flying Insect Control Products from our Pest Control Shop.

Fly Control

D-Tec offers safe and effective Pest Solutions to help treat your Pest problem.  Our treatments and services are all in accordance with the Australian Standard and we use environmentally friendly pest eradication solutions.

Our Company’s team of general pest experts are fully licensed, qualified and experienced with the latest in Technology. With over 20 years of experience providing General Pest Treatments to Residential Homeowners.

We have general also offer a 20% discount when you combine our pest control and termite inspection services. And provide an internal 12-month warranty against cockroach and silverfish infestation.

We offer competitive prices and packages starting at $110. Contact us for a free quote or call 1300 725 758.

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