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Office Pest control Pest Control Services for your Office

Keep your workplace free of pest diseases and allergies that can make your staff and clients sick.  We can help you keep your Office pest free with our Pest Management Services. 

OFFICE PEST MANAGEMENT Pest Solutions for your Office.

We offer safe, effective Pest Solutions for your Business. Unfortunately, Pests can be a health threat to your staff and Customers, but it can make you lose sales, give your Business a bad reputation and even worse close down your Premises. We know the importance of keeping your Office Pest free. 

D-Tec has professionally trained licensed Technicians to help treat, manage and put preventative controlling methods in your Premises.

Pest found in your Office

Pests found in your Office can cause serious health problems to your staff and clients, they can damage your building and reputation.

Office pest control

Some common Pest found include:

  • Cockroaches
  • Ants
  • Flies
  • Rats and mice
  • Spiders
  • Bed bugs
  • Fleas
  • Birds
  • Stored product insects

It is best to put in preventative methods and have your Pest Control carried out before you have an infestation.

Office Pest Control

When D-Tec comes out to your Office, we can provide you a free quotation plus identify and advise a Pest Management Program for your Office. We have Pest Control Programs from as little as $90 depending on the size of your building, pest problems, and frequency of service.

Office Pest Control Program

Our Technicians will design a Pest Control Program based on the inspection of your building. This includes:

  • The scope of the office pest population that is to be controlled.
  • An outline of specific areas of treatment.
  • We will list our treatment methodology.
  • Pesticides to be used
  • Treatment Schedule
  • Service Period
  • Workplace Health and Safety checks
  • Materials Installed
  • Work Method Statement which includes our pest management techniques.
  • Public Safety and General Health and Safety Procedures
  • Quotation, Terms, and Agreement

We will also advise what you can do to help prevent or reduce the Office pest problem.

Our Company will supply you with copies of our licenses, certificate of currency, material safety data sheets and work cover certificates for your records.

Contact us for a free quote on keeping your Office pest free.

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