Rodent Control: D-Tec Pest Solutions

About Rodents

Rats and mice are mammals that belong to the group known as Rodents from the Latin rodere meaning ‘to gnaw’. Unfortunately it is their gnawing habit from their front incisor teeth that can do damage to a range of materials around your home or office.

Signs of Rodents

If you’ve noticed furry things scurrying around your garden then it’s obvious that you may have a problem. Other signs include droppings, food going missing or chewed at. You may have noticed damage to your home from their gnawing including on doors, skirtings, upholstery, books, food containers or packaging. They can also cause short circuits and equipment breakdown by gnawing on your wiring and cables. We have even seen damage to the water pipes in the ceiling. Other signs of rodents include rub marks from their greasy hairs, burrows & nests, odour, urine stains, tracks, runs and of course physical sightings.

Disease to Humans

Not only can Rodents cause damage but if they’ve been in your kitchen they can contaminate your food or utensils with their urine/faeces and transmit disease to humans such as salmonella food poisoning, mild meningitis, infectious jaundice, tapeworm, weil’s disease and chroiomengitis to name just a few.

What can you do?

Block Entry Points to your home: Locate all cracks, crevices and holes that are entry points into your home. You can block these by using heavy-gauge material, concrete and sheet metal to cover. Don’t use wood and soft metals as they can gnaw through also.

Hygiene and Sanitation: Remove any rubbish, use a tight fitting lid on your rubbish bin and don’t leave food out overnight.

Other Tips: Limit moisture sources and don’t leave cluttered items such as boxes etc in ceilings/garages/sheds instead use air tight containers.

Treatment and Control

Unfortunately if you’ve seen one then it’s not long until they have a family and a whole population of rodents. Mice can have up to 60 babies per year and rats up to 40 per year.

Contact our Office, we can advise and provide you with the best method of control. Our trained technician’s know the species which includes their biology and habits (such as their ‘runs’ that they have) and can provide you with rodent stations including lockable station boxes that are safe for children and pets