Termite Inspections Brisbane

Termite Inspections Brisbane. Dedicated to protecting your property from the silent threat of termites, trust our team of qualified and experienced experts.

D-Tec offer competitive pricing

Pest control packages from $350 – includes termite inspection + general pest treatment (cockroaches, ants, silverfish & spiders).

Termite inspections from $230 (for standard sized home)

All Brisbane, Logan, Gold Coast, and Ipswich Areas

Annual Termite Inspection Brisbane

It is essential to have an annual inspection for termites for your property to help prevent and detect any termite activity or damage. With one in three homes susceptible to termite infestation and the average cost of repairs is approximately $10,000, early detection is one of the best ways to minimise attack.

D-Tec’s fully trained technicians are methodical in their inspections, knowing the ecology and biology of termites, assessing the conditions on your property and reporting on conducive areas and how best to protect your property.

D-Tec termite inspection specialists

Our fully licensed and experienced termite inspectors carry out a thorough inspection that encompasses the entire dwelling. From the property boundary to the roof void, our inspection covers every aspect of your home. We meticulously check all accessible timbers, including skirting boards, walls, and architraves, as well as window and door frames. Our inspectors pay close attention to the wet areas of the house, ensuring a comprehensive assessment.

Termite Inspection Brisbane

Termite control – Termite Inspection tools and technology

Our Termite Control & Inspection techniques include the use of the latest equipment for termite detection.

We take pride in our advanced and effective inspection techniques, incorporating equipment for precise termite detection.

Our commitment is to ensure thorough inspections and accurate results for your home or property.

Termatrac T3i Termite Detection Device

D-Tec utilizes the revolutionary T3i Termite Detection Sensor. This remarkable device stands as the world’s sole detector capable of identifying termite or pest movement within walls, ceilings, or roof areas (excluding solid metals). The T3i Termite Detection Sensor incorporates radar, thermal, and moisture sensors, providing location details of any detected movement. It also includes radar, thermal, and  moisture sensors so we can show you the exact location of movement of the findings

Thermal Imaging

Our technicians utilize infrared cameras to conduct inspections of internal walls within buildings, detecting temperature variations that may indicate termite presence. As termites adjust their gallery systems based on surrounding humidity, the use of infrared cameras provides a non-invasive and highly effective means of detection. This advanced technology allows for the most thorough inspections available, effortlessly revealing otherwise invisible termite activity.

Moisture Meter

All D-Tec technicians use a moisture meter. A moisture meter is a non-invasive tool used to detect termites by providing moisture readings and evaluations.

By identifying areas with abnormal moisture levels, we can pinpoint potential termite hotspots and areas of concern. This allows us to focus our attention on critical spots during the inspection, ensuring no termite activity goes unnoticed.

With the moisture meter as a vital component of our equipment, we can therefore provide you with peace of mind, ensuring proactive and effective termite detection and control during our inspections.


D-Tec Pest inspectors employ a specialized Borescope optical tool in select situations, particularly when assessing the presence of termites or termite damage hidden behind walls.

This non-invasive approach proves to be less destructive compared to removing or replacing wall paneling. By utilizing a high-powered light source, the inspector gains visibility into otherwise inaccessible areas by inserting a thin optical fiber through a small hole in the wall.

Therefore, this method of detection is reserved for special cases, discussed and agreed upon between you and the inspector, ensuring a targeted and efficient inspection process

Termite Inspection Brisbane - Termite Testing


D-Tec Pest Solutions offer competitive pricing for termite inspections:

  • Termite inspections from $230 (for standard sized home)
  • Pest control packages from $350 – includes termite inspection + general pest treatment (cockroaches, ants, silverfish & spiders).

A termite and pest inspection reports on:

  • Description of your property
  • Accessibility – areas inspected, obstructions, inaccessible areas
  • Significant items – evidence of timber pests, termite management proposal, termite workings/damage, termite management program
  • Conducive conditions such ventilation, excessive moisture, bridging or breaching termite barriers, earth-wood contact, etc.
  • Risk management options and recommendations for your property

Each termite and pest inspection carried out takes between 1-2 hours depending on findings and size of your property.

In the final analysis, your termite technician will advise inspection findings and recommend what is the best way to protect your property.

See further options on our Termite Treatment and Termite Bait System pages. D-Tec also has payment plans and options available to help you.

Due to the climate conditions in Brisbane, we highly recommend having termite inspection carried out on your property every 12 months (at a minimum). With termites causing serious damage and costly repairs, it is important to have your place inspected yearly.

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