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Signs you have Termites

What are 7 Signs you have Termites in your Home? Early detection of Termites is important to reduce the severity of both damage and cost from the destruction they can cause. These are some to look out for in your home.

Paint rippling on skirting boards/window architraves.

If you have notice any paint rippling it may be because of Termites. Termites eat timber from the inside out and they can leave a thin veneer of paint.

Soft or hollow sounding timber.

As mentioned above, the Termites eat from the inside out and from this it leaves a very thin layer of timber that sounds hollow when you tap or soft when you touch.

Stains on walls or bulging of walls.

Moisture from Termites eating or tunneling through can cause stains on the walls to bulge out. You may also notice the walls warping or doors hard to open from the termite infestation.

Termites in walls

Mudding that appears through walls.

As Termites are sensitive to atmospheric temperatures they create galleries to protect themselves. In doing this there ‘mudding’ may become visible through the wall. Termite Inspectors are able to see the mudding inside the walls when doing an invasive inspection using a boroscope.

Mud termite tubes on surfaces.

Termite Tubes

Termites use mud tubes to protect them from the elements. As they are soft body insects they need to protect themselves and they create the galleries or mud termite tubes to create the right climate environment for their survival.

Termite Sounds

Another sign of termites in your house, is if you hear soft clicking sounds coming from the walls this could be Soldier Termites alerting their colony of danger. Learn more about Termite Sounds

Flying Termites

Flying Termites or Alates are the male and female reproductives of the Termite Colony. These Termites have an equal pair of wings and fly from the nest when the conditions are right. If you see them it means there is a nest close by.

With Termites being discreet and the damage they can do, it is best to make sure your house is inspected by a licenced Termite Inspector annually and have protection. The cost to have a termite treatment done is minimal to the several thousands of damage it cost to repair.

If you have any concerns you have signs of Termites, we offer an immediate 24-hour Termite response to any live Termites plus offer free Termite Quotes and Consultations. D-Tec also offers Termite solutions to suit your budget.  Contact us on 1300 725 758 or 0433420011.