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Flying Termites

Termites with Wings

Flying Termites

Flying Termites in Brisbane usually swarm between November and April. They usually have their colonizing flight when we have ideal conditions such as moderate temperatures and high humidity.

Around this time we often receive calls from worried homeowners about Flying Termites.

Flying Ants

Termites with wings are known as ‘Alates’ which some refer to as Flying Ants or confused as Moths. These flying Termites are the winged male and female reproductives of termites.  They are the potential kings and queens of new colonies.  They have reproductive systems and wings and usually fly away from their colony due to lack of food or overcrowding.

Flying termites have an equal pair of wings. The difference between flying termites and flying ants is the ant’s wings are larger at the front and smaller at the back.

When do Termites Fly?

Termites fly or swarm at dusk and following swarming they usually shed their wings and the mated pair finds a suitable place to establish a new colony.

Around your home they can sometimes be mistaken for moths or flying ants as they fly around the light. You may even see signed of their ‘dropped’ wings outside your front door or near a window sill.

Why should I be concerned about Flying Termites?

Firstly if you are seeing Alates it means there is a nest very close by. Secondly, it can mean that you could have a potential problem especially if a new Colony does evolve.

With a mature Termite Queen living for as long as 50 years and being able to produce 2000 eggs a day, it is highly recommended that you have your place inspected and/or have a termite treatment.

What to do if you find them around your home?

If you find Alates around your home contact don’t panic. These reproductives have no chewing mouth parts but as the colonising flight originates from the main nest close by we recommend in the least having a termite inspection.

You can collect a few samples for the Technician to see an analyse the type of termite colony when he arrives. You can also contact our Termite Expert directly on 0433420011.

We offer an immediate 24-hour Termite response to any live Termites plus offer free Termite Quotes and Consultations. D-Tec also offers Termite solutions to suit your budget.  Contact us on 1300 725 758 or 0433420011.