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do it yourself pest control

We all know Pesticides can be easily obtained from your local hardware, supermarket or produce store but if carelessly used these can be very toxic to you, your family and your pets.

DIY Pest Control

As mentioned in the Courier Mail, a local restaurant owner partially blew up his restaurant using pest repellent cans.  Not only the damage to the property but he could have seriously been hurt or hurt someone else in the process.  Some people like to do their own Pest Control to save money but must realise that the products they’re using can be very toxic if used incorrectly.

diy pest control

Dangers and Risk of Do It Yourself Pest Control

  • Incorrect storage of the pesticide, storing in reach of children, in areas that can heat or placing the product in a non labeled bottle up can be very dangerous.
  • Not knowing the safety precautions of how and where to spray. It is very important to take into consideration who is in the house – pregnant women, asthmatics, children just to name a few.
  • If there are any fish tanks, birds or any other animals precautions need to be made. You need to know exactly where to apply the pesticide, especially around food areas.
  • If baits are placed incorrectly this cannot only be poisonous to both your children and pets if they digest it.
  • Not considering the environment or the weather. If it’s a windy day (back spray from chemicals can go into the neighbor’s property) or if it is raining where the product can run into waterways.
  • When using the pesticide yourself you need to wear protective clothing, don’t eat/drink/smoke etc or you can be at risk yourself.
  • If you do not follow the label and dosage recommendation you are at risk of like the restaurant owner, it can be very toxic and harmful to everyone.

Benefits of using a licensed D-Tec Pest Controller:

  • All safety precautions will be considered.  D-Tec sends out a checklist for your property and advised before and after treatment re-cautions.
  • They are licensed and trained to know the biology of pests and will use the best method for your pest problem and property.
  • They will assess environmental conditions.
  • All products and labels are followed and pesticides are stored correctly.
  • They can correctly identify your pest that you are having problems with and know the most successful way of treating them for you.

If you have a Pest Control problem or concern it may save you a few bucks to do it yourself but call in the Professionals. When it comes to safety, knowledge, and experience on how to treat the problem effectively and without risk to you, your family or pets.  

Please contact us or our office for further information on 1300 725 758.