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what termites sound like?
What Termites Sound Like

You may be wondering what do Termites sound like? Before we go into the details, we will explain who makes the sounds.

In the termite caste, you have the termite queen, termite king, supplementary queens, termite soldiers, termite workers, termite reproductives and nymphs. It is the soldier termite that actually makes the sound.

You can tell a soldier termite as they have larger darker heads than the other and long mandibles too. They are also wingless, blind and sterile.

It is the Soldiers job to defend and alert the colony against any danger. They do this by banging their head against the wood to send out vibration warnings to the Colony.  

If you listen to the audible Termite sounds on our Video above it is done by the T3i Termite detection device and you can hear the soldier termite alerting the colony.

Unfortunately, if you think you can hear termites in your walls than we suggest you contact us immediately to see if you have an infestation. The only way to confirm is to have a Professional Termite Technician to do an inspection.

D-Tec Pest Solutions can carry out a Termite Inspection using special Technology called a T3i Termatrac device. It detects moisture, has radar technology for movement and can scan the wall for thermal temperature changes.

If you have live Termites we have an immediate response to live Termites plus offer free Termite Quotations. We have different options to treat your property such as a Termite Bait System or Termite Treatment. We use quality products that suit your budget and offer a payment plan to help.

If you think you can hear Termite Sounds, contact us for a free quote or to book in your Termite Inspection call 1300 725 758 or 0433420011.