D-Tec Pest Solutions – House Pest Control Tips

Doing these Home Pest Control tips can help keep your house pest free from unwanted creepy crawlies.  With pest causing diseases. allergies and health problems, it is best to both prevent and try and control the environment.

Indoor Pest Control Tips

Kitchen Area Home Pest Control Tips

  • In your pantry take out any food in cardboard boxes and put them into plastic containers (the boxes are not only an ideal breeding area for cockroaches but some egg casings can be carried inside the boxes from other places – this is how a cockroach infestation can start).
  • Give all your areas in your kitchen a wipe down and clean the outside of your fridge, stove top & oven (especially build up of grease or fat – cockroaches.
  • Remove any crumbs or food scraps – this attracts mice and cockroaches.

Lounge room Home Pest Control Tips

  • This is especially important for Allergy sufferers of dust mites: give your mats, carpet areas and blinds a good vacuum.
  • Wash any curtains and dust (use electrostatic cloths rather than feather dusters) and clean areas including your fans.

Bedroom Home Pest Control Tips

  • Give your mattress a good vacuum and wipe down any dusty areas.
  • Wash sheets and pillowcases weekly in hot water (above 55 degrees). Tumble dry is also recommended on a hot setting – this will kill the dust mites.
  • If you have children give their soft toys a wash.
  • While your cleaning if you notice any damage to your clothes, books, wallpaper, paper, photographs in your place you may have silverfish. They eat materials containing cellulose, sugars, and starch and like to live in moist, damp, warm areas.

Outdoor Pest Control

  • Modify your physical conditions, check all of your fly screens and replace any with holes etc – this will protect any flying insects like mosquitoes, flies, etc.
  • Check the outside BBQ for any food scraps and remove and clean (cockroaches especially like to harbor around the BBQ for the grease and fat).
  • Make sure you remove any trash and debris from around the outside of the home – this will prevent rodents and cockroaches.
  • Fix any leaky taps and remove old stumps in the garden – this is termite food!
  • Look for any wasp nests, do not touch if you see them active as you may get stung. You can knock down any old paper wasp nests, these are usually harmless, they have a nest that looks like honey comb.
  • Tip out any stagnant water lying around the house, this is a breeding ground for mosquitoes!
  • Some spiders can be very dangerous, check the children’s play area and make sure you shake out any shoes if they’ve been left outside.
  • Don’t forget your pets, check for ticks and fleas, now is a good time to use a prevention and treatment.  Check and clean their bedding, if you have a flea infestation that has become a problem please contact us before they get out of control.